You can now also opt for lease at Phatfour! In this way you spread the investment and you do not have to make a commitment for a longer period of time.

From € 56 per month (excl. VAT) you can already ride a brand new e-bike from Phatfour. This includes insurance, repairs, roadside assistance, service and maintenance.


There are two different options for riding a Phatfour e-bike for business, namely operational lease, business financial lease and business purchase. Below you can read more about the three options.

Operational lease

  • From € 83 per month excluding VAT.
  • 36 month contract
  • Full operational lease, including maintenance, service, insured against damage and theft
  • To be taken over at the end of the contract for 15% of the purchase value

Business financial lease

  • From € 56 p.m. excl.VAT.
  • 24-48 month contract
  • Direct owner of the bike
  • KIA scheme options


Private is possible, namely; The private financial lease via SprayPay. You can use the SprayPay option if you are 23 years or older and have a job or steady income.

With the Spraypay option you can pay for the bicycle in 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. Suppose you want to make extra, partial or complete repayments during these months, you can make additional repayments free of charge (without penalty). After the term, the bicycle is entirely yours.

If you choose SprayPay, they will ask a few questions about your income, payment obligations and ask you to send you a pay slip and a bank statement. Then within 24 hours they determine whether you are eligible for the SprayPay payment option in installments. It is important that you send your information on time, if you are too late, SprayPay must be contacted by telephone to make it right again.

An example calculation, suppose you want a Phatfour of an amount of € 2593, - Then you arrive at a monthly amount of:

12 months € 228, -

18 months € 155, -

24 months € 119, -

36 months € 83, -

Before ordering. Put the Phatfour together and then pay. At the payment options, click on "PAY.NL" and then choose the SprayPay option.

Then you answer some questions about your income and they ask you to send a pay slip and a bank statement. They will then determine within 24 hours whether you are eligible for the SprayPay option.

Business leasing made possible by Lease-a-bike.

The new bicycle plan started at the beginning of 2020. That is great news, because it means that your employer can easily make a Phatfour of the company available. You only pay a few euros per month for the use of your lease e-bike. Every company is eligible for this bicycle scheme. You can think of large BVs, NVs, but also associations, foundations and natural persons such as freelancers or a VOF. The scheme applies to permanent employees as well as to employees with a fixed-term contract.

Do you want more information about leasing? Please contact us or take a look at lease-a-bike.nl.