Inner tube 20X4.2 AV 35MM (Consumer box)
Inner tube 20X4.2 AV 35MM (Consumer box)
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€ 9.92
GRANIT™ Super Extreme 2500/165HB230 ABUS
GRANIT™ Super Extreme 2500/165HB230 ABUS
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€ 239.63

Phatfour Connected abonnement

Phatfour Connected is an anti-theft service and makes your FLX(+) insurable again.

With Phatfour Connected, the risk of theft of your bike is reduced, and the chances of bike recovery are increased.

Why Phatfour Connected?
- Possibility to insure your Phatfour from February 1st 2024.

- In case of a theft report, the electric assistance of your bike is permanently disabled remotely (even if our tracker is removed).

- Always have visibility on the location of your Phatfour.

- Includes a bike recovery service if your Phatfour is stolen.

€ 100.00 100.0 EUR € 100.00 Incl. vat
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€ 100.00 Incl. vat
Or use Klarna split in 3 payments

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Phatfour Connected

Check out the frequently asked questions about Phatfour Connected. 

The big difference between Phatfour Connected and other trackers is that our tracker is compatible with the electronic support system of your bicycle. This allows you to have your bicycle permanently switched off remotely in the event of theft. 

Even if the tracker is removed, the electronic support system of your bicycle will no longer work.  

This is unique and only possible with Phatfour Connected. This functionality reduces the risk of a thief stealing your bike or reselling it. In addition, Phatfour Connected ensures that the FLX(+) is insurable in the Netherlands again.

Phatfour Connected works together with a security company that actively searches for bicycles when they are stolen. This ensures that there is a huge chance that your bicycle will be found and returned in the event of theft. 

How does Phatfour Connected works?

1. Purchase Phatfour Connected on our website.
2. Choose a connectivity subscription, including bike recovery service for 1, 2, or 3 years.
3. Our tracker is installed in your bike by us or an official Phatfour dealer.
4. After installation, your subscription is activated.
5. Using the 'findmyvehicle' app, you can always see the location of your bike.
6. Receive a push notification when your bike is in motion.
7. Report bike theft directly in the app.
8. The electronic support is permanently disabled remotely.
9. A bike recovery team actively searches for your stolen bike.
10. The bike recovery team delivers your bike to your home once it's found again. 

The consumer recommended retail price of Phatfour Connected is € 89,- including VAT & installation. 

You can choose from a subscription for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years for connectivity, including bike recovery service. 

The subscription prices are as follow:
1 year: € 100,- including VAT.
2 year: € 170,- including VAT.
3 year: € 220,- including VAT.

Phatfour Connected offers several advantages. Below are the most important benefits.
- Possibility to insure your FLX(+) again in the Netherlands.. 
- Always see where your Phatfour is located. Also useful if you no longer remember where you parked your bicycle. 
- Bike recovery service is included in the price.
- After a theft report, a thief can no longer cycle with electric assistance. This is permanently disabled remotely (even when the tracker is removed).
- The tracker is protected against tampering and equipped with a rechargeable battery, so it will last for years.
- In the event of an emergency, the tracker can pass on your location to emergency services or emergency contacts.

Yes, if you own a FLX(+) bike with Phatfour Connected, you can insure your fat bike again in the Netherlands. 

Phatfour Connected can currently only be installed on the FLX and FLX+. 

No, Phatfour Connected can only be installed on the FLX(+). 

No, without Phatfour Connected it is not possible to insure your FLX(+) bike.

If your tracker malfunctions, you can have it replaced at the location where you had the tracker installed. The tracker is covered by the legal warranty of 2 years.  

It is possible to have multiple trackers on your bike. This is feasible as long as your current tracker is not installed in the same location as where the Phatfour Connected tracker needs to be installed. 

The installation of the Phatfour Connected tracker takes an average of 25 minutes. After installation, the connectivity subscription can be activated. 

Phatfour Connected collaborates with G4S, the largest security firm in the Netherlands. They specialize in locating, recovering, and returning stolen bikes. With years of experience, G4S successfully recovers a significant percentage of stolen bicycles 

When you sell your bike before the end of your subscription, the buyer of your bike will still have access to Phatfour Connected until the subscription expires. After this, the buyer can decide whether to renew the subscription. 

Je abonnement wordt na afloop van de gekozen periode niet stilzwijgend verlengd. 

Yes, if you choose a subscription you can renew it yourself when your subscription ends. Your subscription will not be automatically renewed. 

You pay the full purchase costs of Phatfour Connected in one go. Depending on the subscription you choose, you pay the costs for one year, three years or five years in one go.