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There are several factors that influence the maximum distance that can be achieved.
First, the tire pressure. Both tires must be at 2.3 bar (with the + series). If this is less, the range can decrease by up to 35%.

The total weight of the cyclist and load also has an influence. The higher the total weight, the sooner the battery will drain. 

In addition, the way of cycling is of great influence. During acceleration, the bike uses more energy than when cycling at a constant speed.

​The weather also affects the maximum range. At an outside temperature of around 5 degrees Celsius, the maximum range decreases by around 20%.
​Last but not least, turn off the battery when the bike is not in use. The motor controller uses about 4 watts. If the battery is left on, it will slowly drain.

Service and warranty questions are handled by the store where the Phatfour was purchased. Did you buy your bike from a reseller? Then you can contact them.
​ Did you bought the bike directly from us? Please contact support@phatfour.com

As proof of our craftsmanship, all our frames are backed by a 5-year warranty. All electronic components of a Phatfour come with the usual 2-year warranty. In most cases, no guarantee is provided on wear parts.
​Questions about warranty? Please contact support@phatfour.com

With the FLX(+) you will receive a service key on your screen after 250 km. This means it's time for your first check up. Make an appointment with your dealer. This is important for the lifespan of your fatbike.

Phatfour fatbikes are carefully built and delivered ready for use every time. But it is normal for some parts to loosen up after a while. To ensure that you can cruise carefree for years, we recommend that you have your new Phatfour e-bike professionally checked after three months or after 300 kilometers of cycling.
​Had the first check? Then we recommend that you have your bike serviced proactively every 6 to 9 months, so you can always continue cycling.

Our partners (or other local bicycle repairers) are happy to help you. This is what they can do:

  • Adjust brakes
  • Check gears
  • Tension and lubricate the chain
  • Tighten bolts if necessary
  • Check tire pressure

Do you have any other questions? Please visit the manual & instructions page or contact the support department.

Het controleren van de bandendruk een belangrijk onderdeel van het onderhoud van je fatbike. De bandendruk heeft invloed op de accu, de grip, het rolvermogen en het comfort tijdens het fietsen. Het is daarom belangrijk om regelmatig de bandendruk te controleren en waar nodig aan te passen.

Voor de fijnste fietservaring raden we de volgende bandenspanning aan: 

·      FLX(+) 2.0 bar

·      FLB+ 2.3 bar

·      FLB 1,8 voor en 2,3 achter

Met een hogere bandenspanning is de rolweerstand lager en krijg je minder snel een lekke band. 

A Phatfour can and may travel a maximum of 25 km per hour. Fatbikes that travel faster than 25 km per hour are illegal and can be confiscated.

We are against increasing the maximum speed of a Phatfour. It is forbidden to drive faster than 25 km per hour on public roads. 

The outside temperature affects the performance of your battery. The range and power of a battery will always be best in warmer weather. You can also use your bike completely safely in winter, but try to charge your bike at room temperature. If you park your bike outside in the cold, make sure that the battery is not completely empty.

No matter how hot or cold it is, we always recommend that you unplug your bike from the power outlet once your bike is fully charged. And if you want to store your bike for a longer period of time, make sure the battery level is around 40-60%. This way you keep the performance of your battery up to standard.

At low temperatures you can notice that your battery is empty faster and that the engine feels a little less powerful. If you drive at a lower energy level for the first few minutes, you give your battery a chance to warm up properly.

You can cycle without a helmet on a Phatfour fatbike.

You don't need a driver's license for a fatbike with a maximum speed of 25 km per hour.

​​This is not possible on our website, but some resellers offer this option.

There is no minimum age to ride a fatbike. For a Phatfour you must be at least 1.50m tall.

The FLX came out on top in the Bright NL test in 2023. With a score of 8-, Phatfour is at the top of the list in the fatbike category.

For fatbike owners looking for an insurance solution, there are several options available. View a list of insurers here where you can insure your Phatfour at the time of writing. Bekijk hier

At a time when mobility and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, the popularity of fatbikes has increased significantly. However, with this growing popularity also comes an increased risk of theft. It is therefore very important that fat bike owners are aware of the risks and take effective measures to prevent theft. View a number of measures here that reduce the risk of theft. Bekijk hier 

The Phatfour is designed as a safe bicycle. The term fatbike stands for an e-bike with fat tires. The rules of an e-bike are the same for a fatbike. You do not have to wear a helmet, do not have a driver's license and it is not age-related, provided the fat bike is an electrically powered bicycle with a power of less than 250 Watts and a maximum top speed limited to 25 km/h.

A child seat for small children is currently being developed for the FLX and FLX+. Parents of older children can already use this cool fatbike. The FLX and FLX+ are perfect for taking older children on the fat bike using footrests at the front and/or rear.
FLB+ en FLX modellen 

Er is momenteel een kinderzitje voor kleine kinderen in ontwikkeling voor de FLX en FLX+. Ouders van oudere kinderen kunnen al wel gebruik kunnen maken van deze stoere fatbike. De FLX en FLX+ zijn namelijk perfect om oudere kinderen mee te nemen op de fatbike doormiddel van voetsteuntjes voor en/of achter.