Phatfour nu ook te koop bij Scooterspot

Phatfour now also for sale at Scooterspot

Scooterspot, one of the largest scooter suppliers in the Netherlands, Phatfour now also has in its range. They have made a nice introductie to the Phatfour!

October 28, 2020
Ga op 2-daagse wijntour door Noord-Holland met een Phatfour!

Go on a 2-day wine tour through North-Holland with a Phatfour!

Cathelijn Paling with the Phatfour on wine tour! "The cycling distance from Amsterdam to Alkmaar - and even a little further - is quite a bit on your regular steel steed (45 km). We therefore stepped on the pedals of the electric Phatfour; a cool e-bike with a raw, retro -design. "

August 20, 2020
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Pure Luxe - Stijlvol van A naar B reizen doe je met een Phatfour

Pure Luxe - Travel stylishly from A to B with a Phatfour

E-bikes have been "among us" for a while now and that is absolutely not wrong. Where in the early days the phenomenon was still seen a bit as "not cool" and mainly suitable for the elderly, the E-bike has now become a piece of design that can be embraced by every age category. Designs are becoming more stylish and manufacturers seem to think more out of the box. A good example of such a stylish, out of the box E-bike is the bicycle made by Phatfour.

Read the entire article here.

August 13, 2020
Man Man introduceert Phatfour

Man Man introduces Phatfour

The coolest e-bike in the Netherlands blows everything and everyone away. Read the article.

August 07, 2020
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Nederlands bedrijf Phatfour speelt in op wereldwijde fietstrend

Dutch company Phatfour responds to the worldwide cycling trend

Since the corona crisis, the demand for e-bikes has exploded. Phatfour also sees a significant boost in the sale of their durable, electric fat bikes with a retro look from Dutch soil. The fast-growing Dutch company is launching a new model. In addition to the popular Phatfour FLB, the fast-growing company launches a new model: the Phatfour FLS. Read the article about this at Techvisor.

July 13, 2020
Gewoonvoorhem - Geraldine Kemper gespot op de nieuwe FLS-serie

Gewoonvoorhem - Geraldine Kemper spotted on the new FLS series

Geraldine Kemper spotted on the coolest e-bike in the Netherlands. Namely the new FLS series from Phatfour. Read the article.

July 08, 2020
De vetste e-bike van Nederland waar je op gezien wil worden

The coolest e-bike in the Netherlands that you want to be seen on

Electric bicycles are hot, and not only for middle-aged people who whiz past you on such an electric bicycle. But let's be honest: most electric bicycles don't look really fantastic. That could be different, thought Amsterdam friends Pieter van Beusekom (33), Mels van Hoolwerff (32) and Daan Valk (31). At the drawing table they came up with the design for the Phatfour, a sturdy electric bicycle that is reminiscent of an old motorcycle. Read the blog here 

July 06, 2020
Phatfour in Breda

Phatfour in Breda

Phatfour also available in Breda. DeLau took care of the introduction herself!

July 06, 2020
Manner - In gesprek met de oprichters van Phatfour

Manner - In conversation with the founders of Phatfour

The origin of the electric bicycle Phatfour

The story of Phatfour begins in the garage of Mels, where the three already converted engines into café racers and gave cars a big upgrade. “At first we wanted to design and build an electric bicycle for ourselves,” says Daan. “That got a bit out of hand. We received so many reactions on the street in Amsterdam when the first prototype was finished. That gave us the impetus to take it seriously. We then started optimizing the first prototype. ”

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July 06, 2020


The Phatfour is a retro-style electric fat bike. The fat tire model is based on the 1906 Dutch Simplex and has the "look" of an old motorcycle. Celebrities like Geraldine Kemper and Henk Grol are enthusiastic about the model. Read the article

June 30, 2020
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DailyBase op stap met Phatfour

DailyBase on the road with Phatfour

"You've undoubtedly seen those cool modern ebikes rip by in real life or on Instagram, but how does such a bike actually ride? We were allowed to test the Phatfour on the most beautiful circuit in the Netherlands; in the heart of Amsterdam! A Phatfour well? We are happy to tell you that in scents and colors! Spoiler; it's super cool! " 

Read the review here

June 30, 2020
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Bright review: "Deze stoere e-bike rijdt lekker en is 'made in Holland'

Bright review: "This cool e-bike rides well and is 'made in Holland'

The Phatfour is a retro-style electric fat bike, or a fat tire e-bike that resembles an old moped. Remarkable: the Phatfour is made in the Netherlands. This Dutch bike is also really built for Dutch people with Dutch stature. We are a bit taller than most Europeans. The bike is a bit higher, the saddle is 95cm from the ground, so just a bit more than the competitors, so you sit a bit straighter, shoulders a bit more up and your arms a little more apart. That makes it a lot more comfortable.

Read the review here

April 06, 2020
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